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From established leader to rising manager, your path to unmistakable leadership has only just begun…

What is it?

Unmistakable LEADER™ is a six-session program designed for leaders at all levels. You will learn to master the art of influence, solve real-time challenges with your peers, build culture within your own team, and better understand human behavior for high-impact communication.

Who is it for?

Rising and established leaders who are ready to turn management challenges into opportunities and blind spots into clear focus. Inspire your teams, increase revenue, advance your career, and make work meaningful!

“I use what I was taught every day. It not only changed our culture, but it changed what I believe and how I relate to people.”

Doug Scott, CET, Dependable Fire Protection, Unmistakable LEADER™ Alumni

Designed For

Rising and established leaders

Class Format



6 all-day sessions
1 overnight retreat

Cohort Size

11 participants

Program Overview

The Unmistakable LEADER™ program is made up of six sessions designed to challenge, intrigue, and grow your mind.

Right Brain Justified

In the foundational workshop of the program, you will learn the brain science behind creating environments where people thrive.

Team Building

Embrace the power of vulnerability to build trust with your cohort and gain skills to deepen relationships with your teams.

Employee Journey

Discover tangible tools to attract, engage, and develop top talent in your industry and create joy throughout the employee life cycle.

Gifted Messenger

Learn the art of giving and receiving feedback and how to capture and communicate the culture of your organization in memorable, sustainable ways.

Outside Your Walls

Identify your essential role as a leader to inform your development needs and launch an executive learning plan that goes beyond yourself and your walls for holistic growth.

Ignite the Movement

Conclude the Unmistakable LEADER™ journey with part celebration and part delivery of a capstone project certain to impact your organization and leadership journey.

“It’s one thing to have that [leadership] knowledge, but it’s kind of like a can of paint. You want to be able to apply it. And this class did that.”

Lindsay Bazan, Business Director, Foundry Church

Choose which Unmistakable LEADER™ program works best for you.

Join like-minded leaders from other organizations for a unique experience

You will leave the program as a member
of an ongoing cohort to use as a continued
forum-based resource.

Gather your leadership team for a collaborative & customized experience

We’ll come to you as you work to accelerate your teams’ progress and tackle the issues that will make the biggest difference in your organization.

Imagine you've been asked to hold a glass of water...

Jodi DeRoo talks about how, without the right communication tools, workplace conflicts can manifest into a communication breakdown and team dysfunction.

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“Unmistakable LEADER™ helped us find that vulnerability leads to empathy leads to trust. And WOW! That is powerful when you return to the workplace with that kind of trust.”

Andrew Bartlett, New Product Development Manager, Tiara Yachts, Unmistakable LEADER™ Alumni

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