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Everything DiSC® Team Workshop

Building Healthy Workplace Relationships

$3,000 per workshop

+$75/person for assessment

Ever wonder why you’re totally in sync with Andy in Accounting, but struggle to relate to Kim over in HR? Start to build effective relationships everywhere just by understanding your DiSC® style. Bring your team together to address personality differences and understand better communication tactics.

In this 4-hour workshop, we’ll unpack the DiSC® style of every member on your team. They will leave with a clear understanding of how their behaviors influence others and vice versa. This will lay the groundwork to build healthier relationships at work. Participants will then dive into the brain science behind human behavior and what to watch out for as they navigate difficult conversations.

This workshop includes:

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Price: $ 3,000.00
Cost does not include $75/person for the Everything DiSC™ assessment