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Everything DiSC® Team Workshop

Building Healthy Workplace Relationships

$3,000 per workshop

+$80/person for assessment

Ever wonder why you’re totally in sync with Andy in Accounting, but struggle to relate to Kim over in HR? Start to build effective relationships everywhere just by understanding your DiSC® style. Bring your team together to address personality differences and understand better communication tactics.

Everything DiSC® provides participants with techniques to improve self-awareness and awareness of others, in order to be more effective in the workplace and contribute to a positive workplace culture. By delivering personalized insights built around an easy-to-understand model, Everything DiSC® helps participants at all levels of an organization build key social and emotional skills, improving workplace satisfaction, results, and relationships. The Workplace modules provide an in-depth understanding of participants’ priorities and motivations, how they relate to those with different DiSC® styles, and how they can use DiSC® to build productive relationships.

We also administer a DiSC® assessment for each team member. These assessments are then analyzed by our team of certified DiSC® facilitators prior to the workshop to understand the team dynamics.  Each team member will have access to their report, as well as the ability to have a comparison report generated between themself and any other member of the team. Both these individual assessments and the comparison reports are found to be very enlightening when trying to identify how to communicate more effectively. 

This workshop includes:

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Price: $ 3,000.00
Cost does not include $75/person for the Everything DiSC™ assessment